All 10 Maplestory 2 Female Starter Outfits

One of the first big differences you’ll find in Maplestory 2 is during character generation. In the original Maplestory the clothes you get as a fresh noob will stay on you for about as long as it took to get to Lith Harbour. In Maplestory 2 however the clothes you choose are cosmetic, meaning you might be wearing them all the way to level 50 over the top of your slowly leveling gear.

This puts a bit more emphasis on this clothing, as it remains useful forever, and isn’t thrown away at the first signs of a bronze helmet or whatever.

If you missed it we also showcased all the default hair options here. All 10 options have three pieces, tops, bottoms, and shoes, all of which can be mixed and matched. They’re all equally adorable so have fun getting your weeb on.

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