Dad Mines His Toddlers For Comedy, And it’s All Gold

James Breakwell has one of those rare Twitter that is always a joy to follow. Frequently the comedy writer will tweet small interactions between him, his wife, 4 kids and a pig. I don’t know about the pig either, perhaps he’s a sucker for punishment or got suckered in by the whole “teacup pig” thing at some stage.

If you aren’t already I seriously you join his other 750,000 fans and follow his twitter account @XplodingUnicorn. He’s also got another alt account called @lonelyLuke, which he started on christmas day back in 2015. It works on the concept of a lonely Luke Skywalker stuck on a water planet. As a testament to its quality Mark Hamill regularly retweets it.

Anyway, let’s get into some lols from daily life.


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