Eiza González, the true bad ass in Baby Driver

While people might spend time complaining that Lily James, ostensibly the love interest in Baby Driver, spends most of her time dicking around doing nothing in particular, people tend to overlook Eiza González. With a couple titles under her belt in Mexico, she came into the greater public consciousness when she took up a leading role in Dusk Till Dawn, making her a bit of a sex symbol alongside chizel faced D. J. Cotrona.

Anyway, coming back to Lily James. She mainly stood around waiting for a call from Ansel Adams. But Eiza was out there, egging on her psycho boyfriend, and generally being more of a creepy romantic lover than any chick has had the chance to be in a while.

So here’s to Eiza! Have some background ready stills from the film. Enjoy.

If you wanted to see my actual review for Baby Driver, you can read it here.

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